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Spurs Insider

Nov 27, 2019

Express-News writers Mike Finger, Jeff McDonald, Tom Orsborn and Nick Talbot discuss if the Spurs have any chance at making the playoffs this season and why some have already written this team off. Read more: Spurs Nation

Nov 18, 2019

Express-News writers Mike Finger, Jeff McDonald and Nick Talbot breakdown if it’s time to accept that the Spurs might not be good enough to make the playoffs and if there is anyway to improve the team. They also discuss Popovich’s ejection and ensuing coaching dynamic. 

Nov 8, 2019

Express-News reporters Mike Finger, Tom Orsborn and Jeff McDonald discuss the Spurs’ progress so far this season. Who they might be and what they can accomplish. They also talk about Tony Parker and his jersey retirement ceremony that is slated for Monday night.